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Zines, because they are both visual and textual, messy and experimental, and often meet a personal need rather than being made for a public audience, are the ideal vehicle for describing the in-between, liminal parts of life that we all experience. Lea Cooper is a researcher and zine-maker who has been delving into Wellcome’s zines collection in search of examples of liminality.

Words by Lilith (Lea) Cooper

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About the author

Black and white photograph of the head and shoulders of a young white person with short blonde hair and glasses. They are smiling and looking straight at the camera.

Lilith (Lea) Cooper


Lea Cooper is a zine-maker and zine librarian at Edinburgh Zine Library and they are currently working on a PhD looking at the zines at Wellcome Collection. Their research interests are liminality and the third space between practice and research. They live on the Fife coast in Scotland.