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Neuroqueering comics

Researcher and zine-maker Lea Cooper considers how comic-zines use the distinctive qualities of zines, such as their modes of production and distribution, to explore some of the complex connections between memory, autobiography, disability and neuroqueerness. Neuroqueering brings neurodivergence and queering together and is a way of subverting and disrupting norms around both how human minds work, and gender and sexuality.

Words by Lilith (Lea) Cooper

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About the author

Black and white photograph of the head and shoulders of a young white person with short blonde hair and glasses. They are smiling and looking straight at the camera.

Lilith (Lea) Cooper


Lea Cooper is a zine-maker and zine librarian at Edinburgh Zine Library and they are currently working on a PhD looking at the zines at Wellcome Collection. Their research interests are liminality and the third space between practice and research. They live on the Fife coast in Scotland.