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Nine Minds

Inner Lives on the Spectrum

Book cover for 'Nine Minds' by Daniel Tammet

Meet nine extraordinary people on the autism spectrum.

A Japanese researcher in psychology sets out to measure loneliness while drawing on her own experience of autism. A quirky boy growing up in 1950s Ottawa sows the seeds of his future Hollywood stardom. In the US, a non-verbal man explores body language, gesture by eloquent gesture, in his mother’s yoga classes.

‘Nine Minds’ delves into the extraordinary lives of nine neurodivergent men and women from around the globe. From a Fields Medal-winning mathematician to a murder detective, a pioneering surgeon to a bestselling novelist, each is remarkable in their field, and each is changing how the world sees those on the spectrum.

Exploding the tired stereotypes of autism, Daniel Tammet – acclaimed author and an autistic savant himself – reaches across the divides of age, gender, sexuality and nationality to draw out the inner worlds of his subjects. Telling stories as richly diverse as the spectrum itself, this illuminating, life-affirming work of narrative nonfiction celebrates the power and beauty of the neurodivergent mind, and the daring freedom with which these individuals have built their lives.

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288 pages

About the author

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Daniel Tammet

Daniel Tammet is the subject of the award-winning television documentary ‘The Boy with the Incredible Brain’, as well as a BBC Radio 4 documentary, ‘Two Poets’ (with Les Murray), and the Kate Bush song ‘Pi’. He is the author of nine books, including the memoir ‘Born on a Blue Day’. His writing has appeared in Esquire, the Times Literary Supplement, the Guardian, Aeon and Quadrant, and his books have been translated into 30 languages. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2012, and awarded an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, the Open University, in 2023.