World AIDS day


  • Four school children sitting in class with the words 'A','I','D','S' spelt out in the shape of a clock; an advertisement for World AIDS Day, 1st December 1993 by the UNESCO Programme of Education for the Prevention of AIDS. Colour lithograph D. Roger and A. Jonquieres.
  • The red ribbon : symbol of AIDS awareness : wear a ribbon to show your commitment to the fight against AIDS : promoted in the UK by the World AIDS Day steering group / produced by the National AIDS Trust on behalf of the World AIDS Day steering group with the support of the Health Education Authority.
  • The aware Winter sale 2003 : order now and save up to 50% off selected resources ...  / aNational AIDS Trust, promoting HIV & AIDS awareness.
  • Voici ton nouveau allié pour te faire dépister en 30 minutes! / AIDES, Croix-rouge Française, SNEG, Mairie Quatre Paris.
  • World AIDS day is 1st December : show you care. Wear the red ribbon : for more information visit / National AIDS Trust.
  • The AIDS red ribbon against a red background representing an advertisement for World AIDS Day 1st December by Mairie de Paris. Colour lithograph.
  • WAD '93 : events 1 : World AIDS Day events October 1993 / Health Education Authority, National AIDS Trust, World AIDS Day.
  • A red arrow pierces the world held up by numerous bodies with arms raised and the message in French: "AIDS: together for the future"; an advertisement for a conference entitled: "Le SIDA: la Prévention, c'est possible" organised by the Faculté de Médicine on Tuesday 1st December at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dijon. Colour lithograph.
  • World AIDS Day : millennium essentials... December 1st 1999 / Camden & Islington Community Health Services NHS Trust.
  • A cartoon figure of a man reading a newspaper with the heading 'VIHPS Revue' outside a newspaper kiosk bearing further AIDS-related headlines; an advertisement in Basque by the Associació Ciutadana AntiSIDA de Catalunya. Colour lithograph by Azagra Pevuelta, ca. 1994.