Happiness, A Mystery

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Watch a recording of celebrated crime writer Sophie Hannah unravelling the mystery of happiness in an online talk.

Sophie discusses her book and how she has used her decades of experience in crime writing and observations from her own life to scrutinise and solve the clues that lead to happiness.

Sophie Hannah’s book ‘Happiness, A Mystery And 66 Attempts to Solve It’ was published by Wellcome Collection on 24 September 2020.


Booking opens Thursday 1 July 2021 16:00

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This event will have live automated speech-to-text transcription, which may be useful for people who are D/deaf, hard of hearing, deafened or neurodiverse. The text will be embedded in the event video window and ticketholders will also receive a link to open subtitles in a separate window.

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Black and white photographic portrait of Sophie Hannah who is smiling. She has dark wavy hair and glasses.

Sophie Hannah

Sophie Hannah is a Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling writer of crime fiction, published in 49 languages and 51 territories. Her books have sold millions of copies worldwide. She has published two short-story collections and five collections of poetry.