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Strategic documents

Access Policy

Our Access Policy sets out Wellcome Collection’s commitment to maximising access to our museum and library, and to identifying the ways in which we achieve this across the organisation. The policy relates to all collections held by Wellcome Collection as well as our services, activities, facilities, content and programmes on site, off site and online.

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Access, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Our goal is to inspire and support everyone connected with Wellcome Collection to create and maintain a culture that is inclusive and diverse. Nurturing different perspectives is explicit in our vision and core to our mission. Our Access, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy explains our ambitions and intentions.

Access, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Forward Plan

The Forward Plan covers the period from March 2018 to March 2023. It will be reviewed annually, providing a flexible framework to guide the development of Wellcome Collection, and help us capitalise on opportunities to inspire and encourage new ideas about health through our collections and programmes.

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Research Development Strategy

We aim to develop and manage a portfolio of activity that places us at the centre of an experimental and vibrant research culture, blending different research perspectives and practices, and demonstrating diverse ways of exploiting our collections to inspire and support new ideas.

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Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy

We have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for children and vulnerable adults who visit Wellcome Collection. 

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy

Digital Safeguarding at Wellcome Collection

This policy outlines our approach to digital safeguarding.

Digital Safeguarding at Wellcome Collection

Collections policies

Access to Personal and Sensitive Information in our Collections

These guidelines set out the criteria we use to assess sensitivity across our collections (both physical and digital) and the bases on which we make these collections available and manage access.

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Care of Human Remains Policy

We own, borrow and display human remains, and are licensed under the Human Tissue Act 2004 for their public display. This policy outlines our approach to the care of human remains in our collections and on loan to us, including the procedure for making a claim for their return.

You can see a list of the remains and read statements of decisions regarding the return of some human remains from our collections here. Most of our human remains are within Sir Henry Wellcome’s museum collection, which is on loan to the Science Museum in London.

Care of Human Remains Policy

Collections Information Policy

This policy provides a high-level explanation of what kinds of collections information we have, and why and when we gather, create, hold and maintain this information in the ways that we do. Collections information is critical not only to good collections management but, importantly, must evolve and improve continuously to support Wellcome Collection’s vision.

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Collections Development Policy

Our collections are unique and distinctive in their range and variety, and we want them to remain so. This policy describes how we actively develop our combined museum, archive and library collections, and ensures both acquisition and disposal are carried out openly and with transparency.

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Conservation and Collections Care Policy

How we conserve and care for our collections is central to helping Wellcome Collection achieve its core aims and objectives. The Conservation and Collections Care Policy articulates our stewardship of the collections, and our approach to balancing the preservation of and access to the collections with long-term planning aspirations.

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Copyright clearance and takedown guidelines for digitised content

We have taken a ‘reasonable endeavours’ approach to finding rights holders for material that we have digitised. This document sets out the circumstances under which we will remove online material from our website.

Copyright clearance and takedown guidelines

Digital Preservation Policy

This policy explains our approach to caring for our collections in digital formats. It explains how and why we seek to balance preservation concerns with access to these collections in the long term.

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Digitisation Strategy

This policy describes our approach to digitising our collections: our processes, our tools, and the content that we plan to digitise.

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Library Computer Use Policy

You can use your laptop and other mobile devices in the library for research and study. If you're a library member you can also use the library computers and printing facilities according to these guidelines.

Library Computer Use Policy

Loans Out Policy

This policy defines Wellcome Collection’s processes and standards for lending from our collections and acts as a guide to borrowers about our loans processes.

Loans Out Policy

Use of electronic resources

We subscribe to a range of online databases and collections of e-journals and e-books. These guidelines describe permitted and prohibited use of licensed online e-resources by members of the library.

Use of electronic resources

Terms and conditions of use agreements

Venue Hire Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for hiring one of our spaces. 

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