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Photograph at a late night museum event. On the left hand side a man holds up a mobile phone in both hands up in front of his head, taking a photo over his shoulder of the scene behind him. The scene his is photographing is a person descending a staircase dressing in a fur outfit complete with mask and tall fur covered headdress. They are carrying a set of bells.
Wild Ones, Friday Late Spectacular, Photo: Camilla Greenwell. Source: Wellcome Collection. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

You are welcome to take photographs for your own personal use in most of our exhibitions and in other public areas of the building, except where signs indicate otherwise. Please do not use flash or tripods.

You are also welcome to take photographs with the same conditions at events, unless photography is specifically prohibited. Please look for signs or ask staff.

For information on photographing and copying items from our collections, please read the library copying and photography guidance.

Share your photographs

We’d love to see your photos! Please tag us in your Instagram pictures (we’re @wellcomecollection), mention us in a tweet (we're @ExploreWellcome) or tag us in the photo on Facebook.

Professional photography and filming

Photography or filming for professional, publication or broadcast purposes is only permitted with prior arrangement with the Wellcome Trust Media Office. The Media Office will usually arrange a convenient time outside visitor hours for filming or photography to take place and will obtain all of the necessary permissions.

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