Body Equality

  • Series
Detail from a larger comic strip. 

The image shows shows a person standing in front of a mirror in a blue room. They are wearing a red t-shirt, jeans with a black belt and several necklaces and their stomach is visible. They have a small moustache, ear piercing and short black curly hair. They are looking into the mirror looking sad. 

A thought bubble is coming from their head: text reads 'I don't feel beautiful this size at all. Maybe I should just cancel...'
The fairy bod-mother. © Sarah Akinterinwa for Wellcome Collection.

About the artist

Black and white photographic headshot of Sarah Akinterinwa.

Sarah Akinterinwa

Sarah Akinterinwa is a Nigerian-British cartoonist and illustrator who regularly contributes to the New Yorker Magazine, and has been featured in the LA Times and the Guardian. She creates humorous cartoons and comics about life, love, and anything that inspires her.