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  • Example of Arabic text
  • Martyrdom of Saint Regina. Woodcut.
  • Breve e sustantiale trattato intorno alle figure anathomiche delli più principali animali terestri, aquatili, et volatili / [Jean Germain].
  • X-ray of tilted pelvis of a dog.
  • Anatomical fugitive sheets
  • Schucha, Caucasus: a funeral procession of men holding swords. Wood engraving, ca. 1870.
  • Four school children sitting in class with the words 'A','I','D','S' spelt out in the shape of a clock; an advertisement for World AIDS Day, 1st December 1993 by the UNESCO Programme of Education for the Prevention of AIDS. Colour lithograph D. Roger and A. Jonquieres.
  • A child holds a large bunch of holly and two others watch as a young woman stands on a chair to reach the picture she is decorating for Christmas. Colour process print.
  • Five doctors discussing their patient, Napoleon: one of the physicians is examining his rear end. Coloured etching, 1803.
  • The interior of the thermal baths, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. Coloured aquatint by H. L'Evêque, 1814.
  • A Chinese sage, accompanied by his young assistant, blesses a frog. Painting by a Chinese artist.
  • Saint Matthias. Engraving by A. Collaert after M. de Vos.
  • A hairy green male stamen heading from the right towards a deep red rose in full bloom representing 'Love Question No 345', which asks how crazy are you if your summer passion is unprotected; one of a series of safe sex AIDS prevention advertisements by Folkhälsoinstitutet, RFSU and RFSL. Colour lithograph by Garbergs, ca. 1995.
  • Wilson Fox. Lithograph.
  • Physicians and surgeons of America (illustrated) : a collection of biographical sketches of the regular medical profession / edited and compiled by Irving A. Watson.
  • World War I: the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) on active service. Oil painting by H.R. Mackey, ca. 1918.
  • Perineal rupture repair - operation on dog
  • A bald eagle flying. Collotype after Eadweard Muybridge, 1887.
  • How HIV transmission works: HIV status : Howard was sure that he wasn't going to catch HIV this way / GMFA, London Gay Men's HIV Prevention Partnership, MetroM8.
  • Young, free and protected? / NPL ... Naz Project London.
  • Dear colleague, I am pleased to enclose the latest edition of Impact, which deals with one of the most complex issues currently facing HIV in the UK: HIV nad mobility ... / Derek Bodell, Chief Executive.
  • The risen Christ shares supper with two men at Emmaus. Engraving.
  • Blood donation to save life. Colour lithograph by H. Fabigan, 195- (?) for the Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz.
  • 16 ways to decorate eggs for Easter : also the Easter egg nest and the tree and a lot of Easter games / British Egg Information Service.
  • Portrait of Vincenz Czerny
  • [Handbill advertising The Edmonton twins: conjoined twins on exhibition at the Adelaide Gallery in the Lowther Arcade, London. The twins were born on 30 January 1855].
  • The Physic Garden, Chelsea: a view showing the pair of cedar trees, and the statue of Sloane in the centre of the garden. Lithograph by H. Warren after J. Fuge.
  • Japanese Print
  • Vol. II. Les Clavicules de R. Salomon
  • Four female torsos joined at the waist with garden features as heads; symbolising the four seasons in a garden. Etching by T. B., c. 1797.